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To our customers and website visitors, present and future:

We here at TGE Software urge all of you to consider changing how you do business during this critical juncture in our world's history. With the amazing technologies we all enjoy, you can run a thriving business while putting the safety and health of your employees and customers first.

Social distancing, frequent hand washing, avoiding touching one's face, these are all key. But your customers still need goods and services. The best way to show you care about your customers is to move quickly to keep them safe.

TGE Software's mantra from its inception has been, we will be successful by making you successful, and to the concept of success through partnerships we wish to add the facet of nimbly and successfully pivoting to new modalities and methods of doing business.

Many of the products and services we provide are designed to enable integrations with eCommerce solutions and drive customers to your web store as well as your brick-and-mortar store. Please take the time to call us and let's discuss how you can add to your web presence the tools to serve your customers at a time when demand for online services has never been higher.

We are never stronger than when we stand together, and you want to be there for the people that depend on you. Let's make beating COVID-19 look easy.

Highest regards,

Todd Grigsby, CEO and founder of TGE Software