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TGE Software is dedicated to serving as an extension to the IT departments of retailer business partners and their customers. We have built products to extend the functionality of a number of point of sale solutions, and in the coming year we anticipate releasing an entire slate of cloud-based solutions and integrations. We also offer custom software services at competitive rates.

We have Retail Pro certifications for Prism Systems Engineer and Applications Expert, and experience with creating customizations for Retail Pro 8, 9, and Prism, and we offer a suite of Retail Pro integration products.



When providing customization services, we have a unique advantage over other development partners. Not only do we have a deep understanding of the retail industry, shipping, accounting, logistics, and legacy system integrations, but our founder, Todd Grigsby, was the Sr. Systems Architect for Retail Pro International, LLC for 10 years, doing hands on development on Retail Pro 8 and 9, and writing the initial version of their Prism RPS REST server from scratch.

We bring all of that to bear to help you outpace your competition. Whether it's joining an existing project or starting a new one, we will use the development language and environment you need.

Operating Systems


We can integrate disparate systems, allowing them to share data.

  • Create a data feed from your legacy software to new cloud based services
  • Push sales and inventory information to an accounting system
  • Open up your old database as a set of services for other systems to connect to
  • Push data to internet-accessible reporting systems
  • Pull the data from your old system into your new and improved system
  • Create connections between your system and new hardware

Porting To New Technologies

Legacy systems are typically reliable, but as they age, your business needs change, and finding someone qualified to work on it becomes more difficult and expensive over time. Based on the requirements of your stakeholders, you may want to simply reimplement what you have in a language that more programmers know, or you may want to completely reimagine your current system as a cloud based web application.

Customizations, plug-ins, and custom integrations are even more prone to bit rot, as the customized system ends backward compatibility, and the end-point APIs are deprecated.

Along the way, this gives you a chance to introduce new capabilities that users take for granted in modern systems, like localization, encryption, secure automatic updates, scalability, cloud access, instrumentation, cross-platform support, and implementing an open API.

Contact TGE Software so we can discuss how best to move the investment you have in intellectual property to the latest development tools and environments.

Social Media and Web Applications

You want to build a web site for your business. You've got a great idea for something a bit more involved than just a regular informative website with some contact information.

Or you've had a brainstorm in the shower and you've come up with the next big thing that's going to revolutionize all our lives.

Or you just realized that some big name company's software would be perfect if it just did X.

We can help you become the next Gates, Jobs, or Bezos. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for creating your own social media platform or connecting to an existing one.

Project Management

Need project management? We'll manage your teams, inter-team communications, processes, and procedures. We have experience with new projects, and we've also been brought in to salvage projects that have gone completely off the rails.

We'll establish communication, task definitions, and reporting to management, introducing professional processes for systems development and resource management. We're experienced with effectively using Agile methodologies without crushing the team members.

We'll use our decades of experience to accurately set expectations, identify problem areas, and pivot where necessary.

Continuous Integration

The highest praise in software development is, "It just works."

You want to deliver on time, go live with ease, with no issues, and leave the customer feeling like they got their money's worth. You want them to tell everyone else how great you are.

And there are two things working against you: time wasted on repetitive tasks that are prone to human error, and software regression.

Enter "Continuous Integration", often referred to as CI. This is a general principle in which processes that are repetitive are automated, and testing is done comprehensively and frequently to catch problems as early as possible.

We employ unit test frameworks and Test Driven Design, API testing and UI testing, automated containerized testing, performance testing, and pipeline process tools to highly reduce development time and eliminate regression.

Source Control

We protect your investment. You aren't just paying for the end product; you're paying for all the source code that was used to build it.

On every project we do, we make heavy and frequent use of advanced source control features. We employ feature branches, test and release branches, automated code merging, and cloud-based repositories, and we integrate our source control systems into our continuous integration pipeline.

That means that not only is your investment safeguarded (our entire operation could burn to the ground, and your source code would be safe), but we use it to make the process of software creation easier and safer.


Locally service connector

Locally connects your POS system directly to internet shoppers. Basic service is free to shops and includes listing your merchandise in the marketplace and on brand sites. Shops can also host a complete catalog in real-time on their own sites for as little as $99/mo.

TGE Software is proud to provide connectors to the product locator service for Retail Pro 8, Retail Pro 9, and Retail Pro Prism.

Brandify service connector

Brandify connects your brand with customers and drives traffic to your locations with a solution suite that is flexible and customizable to fit your brand's needs.

TGE Software is proud to provide connectors to the Brandify product locator service for Retail Pro 8, Retail Pro 9, and Retail Pro Prism.

Podium service connector

Podium turns online prospects into offline buyers by not only standing out where they're searching, but also by providing a convenient way to get in touch — no matter where they're looking for you. Answer questions, schedule appointments, and close the deal without the hold music and phone tag. It's the best way to earn repeat business and turn customers into promoters.

TGE Software is proud to provide connectors to the Podium customer engagement service for Retail Pro 8, Retail Pro 9, and Retail Pro Prism.


Real-Time Data Events

This Retail Pro customization is a one-stop shopping utility for sending real-time data signals from Retail Pro 8 and Retail Pro 9, supporting a number of data formats and transmission methods. It can be used as-is or as part of a larger system.

Save yourself hours of time figuring out how to get data out of Retail Pro in real time. Shorten your development cycle, save R&D dollars, and concentrate on what happens to the data after it reaches its destination.

REST for Retail Pro 8 and 9

Glubol is out-of-the-box ready to transform Retail Pro 8 and Retail Pro 9 into REST data servers, allowing external systems to create, read, update, and delete/deactivate records in any business object supported by the Retail Pro customization API.

It also provides a script server and inter-node messaging for creating complex behaviors on the server side.

Mobile for Retail Pro 8 and 9

RDroid is an Android-based client for Retail Pro 8 and 9. It supports working with customer, invoice, sales order, and inventory data (including a physical inventory function) RDroid is powered by Glubol.


Driver's License Scanner

CustomerScan is a driver's license scanning app, with Windows and Android flavors. This app provides a fast way to scan customers into your Retail Pro 8 or 9 database, and print custom forms with the customer information.


Hippo chews through your incoming sales file and generates invoices, tendering and updating your inventory as it goes. If all you need is to pull CSV, JSON, or XML data into your invoices table, this is a minimalist utility designed to process a lot of data in a hurry.

Fitted Retail

Fitted Retail helps you get your customers what they want, when they want it. Customers who can find the product they want in store are more likely to keep shopping with your store. Fitted Retail's proprietary software increases your customer retention. The Fitted Retail network creates marketplace that spans the nation, freeing up inventory that was previously sitting in back rooms unused, creating a win-win for both the buyer and fulfillers.



  • Dedicated to the principle that we will be successful by making you successful.

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